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… Ned Kelly’s life and myth have inspired paintings, novels, films and songs. One cannot understand the Australian spirit without coming to terms, like it or not, with his life and legend.

Sydney Morning Herald 1988

Ned Kelly Inc. is an ever expanding industry encompassing merchandise, collectables, apparel, toys, foodstuffs, beverages, and numerous other commodities, articles, and objects. This section in no way claims to be a complete collection of Kellyana. Instead, we have chosen specific and pertinent [and some irrelevant] items which reflect the story of Ned and his wider folklore.

Soldiers of the Queen: Capture of Ned Kelly

Issued by D.B. Figurines based in Sydney, Australia, the Soldiers of the Queen series featured a range of 1:32 scale lead alloy figurines of Australian colonial and royal forces, including the New South Wales Corps, Governor Macquarie’s Bodyguard, South Australian Permanent Artillery, and the featured Capture of Ned Kelly collection.

Manufacturer: D.B Figurines [Sydney]
Material: Painted Lead Alloy
Size: 54mm [1/32 scale]
Type: Figurine

Ned Kelly Heroes and Villains

This Ned Kelly Heroes and Villains statue comes in an improved display box, making it the perfect addition to any historical memorabilia collection. The sculpture depicts the infamous Australian bushranger in his iconic armour and helmet, with his hands on his guns in a determined stance. Crafted from high-quality materials, this statue is a true collector’s item and a must-have for any Ned Kelly enthusiast. The display box features a detailed description of the bushranger’s life and legacy, making it an excellent gift for anyone interested in Australian history. Such is life, as Ned Kelly famously said, and this statue pays tribute to one of Australia’s most fascinating and controversial figures.

Manufacturer: Jasolody Gifts
Made: Australia
Released: 2020s
Type: Figurine

Time Warp Tazo: Ned Kelly

Tazos are disks distributed as promotional items with products of Frito-Lay and its subsidiaries worldwide. The idea behind Tazos started similar to Pogs, whereby each Tazo contained a score value, and a game was played to ‘win’ Tazos from other players. Tazos have been released in several different formats, ranging from the original circular disks to octagonal disks, and in later years, to resemble more of a collectible card. The Time Warp Tazo edition featured Looney Tunes cartoon characters depicted throughout history. Number 212 highlights Bugs Bunny dressed as Ned Kelly. This Tazo series features small incisions around the outside, allowing players to fit them together and build objects.

Manufacturer: Frito Lay
Licence: Warner Brothers 
Material: Plastic
Size: 4cm
Released: 1996
Type: Tazo

Ned Kelly Custom Drum Arcade Machine

A crack team of expert artisans have created your Ned Kelly Arcade Machine to precise specifications, crafted right in Australia. The vinyl-wrapped drum body is a sight, and the tempered glass top hosts a magnificent logo. Illuminating LED lights enhance the visuals, granting you a superior gaming experience! This machine will display your style or make a fabulous gift for anyone needing to amp up their Man Cave or Diva Den! This arcade machine is a modern twist on the traditional retro Arcade Game. This arcade machine invites customers to ‘battle for the best score’ and promises hours of entertainment during long wait periods – they won’t want to call it a night!

Manufacturer: The Dens
Made: Australia
Released: 2020s
Type: Arcade Machine


Dinkum Aussie Icons: Bushranger Platypus

Add some playful charm to your outdoor space with this Bushranger Platypus statue, the perfect addition to any home or garden. This Aussie Icon doesn’t like to be disturbed so approach with care!

Manufacturer: Aussie Icons
Material: Polyresin
Size: 15cm (w) x 16.5cm (d) x 15cm (h)
Weight: 590g
Released: 2022
Type: Garden Statue

Ned Kelly Accessories Set

With the arrival of television in 1956, the Lindsay’s range expanded to include droves of dazzling western characters and new superheroes as they swiftly acquired licences from major American production companies such as Disney and Warner Bros and created a range of products based on popular television programs. Lindsay’s also created costumes with an Australian flavour, like this set inspired by bushranger Ned Kelly’s last stand at Glenrowan. Kelly and his gang never faded from the popular imagination, but their costumes were tricky to promote without a related children’s television show. Sales of this set were modest in comparison with costumes based on popular shows like Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.

Manufacturer: Lindsay
Made: Australia
Released: 1980
Type: Costume


Ned Kelly Lone Rider's Gun

Ned Kelly Lone Rider’s Gun with revolving chamber (‘Colt a repeticion con cargador giratorio’) was made in the late 1950s in Barcelona, Spain. The metal toy gun features an ivory coloured plastic handle with an embossed horse head on each side. The gun has a rotating drum loaded opening that works with caps (primers). The set also includes a holster and Sheriff’s badge. The box measures 250mm long x 120mm wide x 45mm high.

Manufacturer: Jadali
Made: Spain
Material: Diecast and plastic
Released: 1950s
Type: Toy Gun

Ned Kelly Helmet

Our Ned Kelly Helmet is a great Australian Gift for ages seven and up accurately modelled on the famous helmet worn by Ned Kelly at ‘The Last Stand’. Made in Australia using solid polypropylene, the helmet is lightweight and safe, is easy to assemble and completely waterproof.

Manufacturer: Zenitopia
Distributor: Game As Ned Kelly
Released: 2006
Type: Costume


Bunnykins Ned Kelly

Hand made and hand decorated in England, this limited edition Bunnykins collectable was released in 2006 with 1,000 units worldwide. Designed in Australia, the Ned Kelly imagery was an instant hit. The series sold-out quickly and collectors now demand prices up to ten times above original retail prices.

Manufacturer: Royal Doulton
Location: England
Range: Bunnykins
Height: 4.5″
Released: 2006
Type: Figurine


Ned the Bushranger

Before Funko began their POP! world domination there were 4″ high Nooks. Made from solid PVC, each figurine had an individually numbered ‘Nook tag’. Before the company disappeared you could log in to and record your tag online [like a toy adoption process].

Manufacturer: Nooks
Range: My Nooks
Height: 10cm
Released: 2009
Type: Toy


ROM The Space Knight

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the iconic ROM The Space Knight toy, Hasbro released this special edition Mighty Mugg! Since the release of the original Parker Brothers toy in 1979, ROM The Space Knight has built a devoted following, and now toy fans will be able to purchase the first Mighty Mugg ROM The Space Knight figure, featuring 5.5 inches of 100% recycled awesome!

Originally ROM was a toy co-created by Scott Dankman, Richard C. Levy, and Bryan L. McCoy. To promote the toy, the creators licensed the character to Marvel, who created the series ROM: Spaceknight. While the licensed character and name belong to Hasbro, most of the background and development of the character belongs to Marvel. This convoluted ownership may explain why we haven’t seen ROM in any Marvel live-action movies to-date.

Manufacturer: Hasbro
Range: Mighty Muggs
Height: 5.5″
Released: 2014
Type: Toy


Johnny Romeo Zeroday Beer

In collaboration with Australian pop artist Johnny Romeo – this Tropical IPA with lactose, tangerine, and guava is a limited do-not-miss release. Up front, the beer feels soft then there is a tangy note from the tangerine. The lactose gives body and sweetness to support the balance and the hints of guava play a key role in the tropical vibe we were going for. There is minimal bitterness from the mosaic hops, but lots of bright aroma and flavour. The mosaic plays so nicely with the citrus and tropical flavours of the fruit.

Artist: Johnny Romeo
Series: Ned Kelly
Style: Tropical IPA [Beer]
Producer: Zeroday Brewing Co.
Region: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Alcohol: 6.5%
Volume: 470ml
Type: Beverage


I AM NED Maquette

Brought to life straight from the comic book series I AM NED and hand sculpted by creator Max Myint, the NED maquette captures every intricate detail of this Aussie legend. NED is leading the war against the oppressive Zombie World Order regime. Now for the first time ever – Australia’s zombie blasting bad arse is getting the collectible treatment with his very own statue!

The NED Maquette is pressure cast in high quality resin and presented in 1/8 scale. He comes fully painted in multiple layers to add depth and realism to the sculpt. A special mix of metallic paints are applied to strike just the right balance between dullness and metal sheen. Each statue is hand numbered on the bottom of the base and signed by the creator.

Sculpted: Max Myint
Size: 1/8 Scale
Height: 27cm
Released: 2018
Type: Figurine


Outlaw Chair

Inspired by the Australian outlaw Ned Kelly and artist Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly series, designer Johnny Chamaki created the Outlaw Chair. Made from plywood, the chair is a continuation/addition to his 2002 and 2004 Kelly/Nolan creations.

Creator: Johnny Chamaki Design Studio
Made: Australia
Date: 2019
Material: Plywood
Type: Furniture



Nerd Kelly

The Nerd Kelly 3.75 inch figurine from GGNW [Good Guys Never Win] debuted at the This is Not a Toy exhibit on 25th of April 2019 at the Ben Frost Gallery in Melbourne. The Ned Kelly inspired Nerd Kelly with its unique blister-pack packaging formed part of a twenty-four Australian themed and inspired resin carded figure line-up. GGNW collaborated with local Australian artists to produce a unique range of figures including Balmain Bug inspired Balmain Thug, Vegemite tribute Vaginamite, and a Pauline Hanson in a Burka figure.

Manufacturer: Good Guys Never Win
Size: 3.75 inches
Height: 9.5cm
Released: April 2019
Type: Action Figure


NED Australian Whisky

This Limited First Batch of NED Australian Whisky was distilled from the finest selection of Australian grain and meticulously matured until it developed a boldness and character that befitted its name. NED Whisky is an easy-drinking, great-tasting True Blue Australian Whisky that has been crafted especially for local dark spirits drinkers. Sweet oak moving into spicy grains, with a hint of dried fruit. Then mocha and oak, with vanilla and dry coconut. The finish is spicy and clean heat, smooth but powerful. Long after flavour of sweet oak and dark chocolate.

Style: Whisky
Region: Victoria
Alcohol: 40%
Volume: 700ml
Type: Beverage



Hemorrage, voiced by Joel McHale, is the leader of the Death Stalkers from the Adult Swim series Rick and Morty episode Rickmancing the Stone. Made of plastic/vinyl the POP! figurine stands at 3.75″ tall.

Manufacturer: Funko
Line: POP! Animation
Series: Rick and Morty
Name: Hemorrhage [#342]
Released: 2018
Type: Toy

Hemorrhage is a muscle-bound, gruff-voiced raider with a helmet over his head. His character is based on a hybrid of Ned Kelly and the Humungus from Mad Max 2.


Ned Kelly Designed Glass Door Bar Fridge

Ned Kelly ‘Such Is Life’ designed tropical rated glass door bar fridge, right hinged, made especially for outdoor tropical alfresco areas in Australia. Triple glazed stainless door with bar handle and lock, LOW E glass, LED strip lighting and interior fan for even air temperature distribution. The designed shelving structure allows 4 x height of cans, can fit 85 x 375 ml inside. Perfect for that little outdoor barbie area or that shed environment for a few spare cool ones in times of need.

Manufacturer: Schmick
Made: China
Colour: Black
Capacity: 70 litres
Dimensions: 430 x 500 x 700mm
Type: Bar Fridge


Ned Kelly Hip Flask

Third Drawer Down in collaboration with Arts Projects Australia and supported by The National Gallery of Victoria present AUSTRALIANA, a collection of functional art products devoted to monumental Australian icons, landscapes, and pop-culture legends. Paying homage to the kitsch Australian souvenir, the collection sings our anthem via tea towels, a pot holder, cooler bag, stubby holder and much more. The Ned Kelly hip flask features original artwork by Patrick Francis [acrylic on paper 56 x 76 cm] and is his ode to Sidney Nolan [Ned Kelly 1946].

Creator: Patrick Francis
Manufacturer: Third Drawer Down
Made: China
Released: 2011
Type: Beverage Container


Ned Kelly Pendant Light

Of all the icons in Australian history, to many none are more dramatic than the helmets of the Kelly gang! The Kelly gang lighting collection is a contemporary series of tubular sculptural lights inspired by the forms of those helmets. The lights are laser cut from extruded aluminium tube, hand prepped and then powder-coated outer finish and an anodised or powder-coated inner finish. The Kelly gang lights emit a soft, warm light through the slotted visor with a more abundant warm glow flowing from the bottom which will reflect the interior gold or other colours, enhancing the contrast against the exterior. Bushrangers, folk heroes or revolutionaries, the exploits of the Kelly gang increasingly attract world attention.

Manufacturer: tbac
Made: Australia
Materials: Powder Coated; Anodised Extruded Aluminium
Colours: Black and Gold
Dimensions: 203 x 290mm
Weight: 2.5kg
Type: Light Pendant


Ned Kelly Bobble Head

The legendary Australian outback outlaw has been brought to life in this bobble head. With realistic and accurate features this gun slingin’ outlaw is sure to be a favourite. A fun and collectable Ned Kelly item, this eighteen centimetre (seven inch) tall bobble head toy features a wonderful caricature of our iconic bushranger! It has an over sized head, adding to the wobbling movement and he’s fully armed with a pair of guns – it’s actually a good likeness and even has his famous hairstyle and beard. Down by his feet lays his famous helmet.

Manufacturer: Ikon
Height: 18cm
Made: China
Released: 2007
Type: Figurine


Ned Kelly Wine Bottle Holder

If you’re a fan of the notorious Ned Kelly, you’re sure to love this bushranger inspired Bottle Holder with rifle. Cleverly crafted from an authentic-looking gunmetal, pop a 750ml wine bottle inside the armour and add some Aussie history to your home! The helmet will help to finish the look while the rifle protects your wine from other unlikely bandits! It’s a fun, novel and fantastic idea to theme your next summer barbecue or special event.

Manufacturer: SimplyCool
Dimensions: 9cm x 9cm x 23cm
Type: Utensil


Ned Kelly's Helmet Party Mask

Transform into the iconic Aussie bushranger bandit Ned Kelly with this authentic looking latex party mask. Designed in the image of Ned’s instantly recognisable metal helmet which formed part of the suit of armour he wore to keep him safe while he was robbing banks, this mask looks totally bad-ass! Bullet hole detailing and a rusty coloured outer make this mask look like it’s made from scrap metal, but don’t worry, it’s actually made from comfortable, durable latex for hours of of dress-up party fun. Ideal for Australia Day celebrations, Halloween and dress-up parties, you’ll never get tired of playing the part of Australia’s criminal hero, Ned Kelly!

Made: China
Dimensions: 35.5cm x 35.5cm x 20cm
Material: Latex
Size: One size fits most
Type: Costume


Ned Kelly 4-Coin Silver Proof Set

These exclusive sterling silver coins pay tribute to the life of iconic bushranger Ned Kelly – in vivid, full colour. Ned Kelly lived a colourful existence that has been immortalised by the pages of history. Now, you can follow Kelly’s footsteps in sterling silver, thanks to this superb series of full-colour coins. You’ll be transported from his famous gang to the iconic siege at Glenrowan, and from his trial to his eventual final moments of life. Each 40mm coin is Niue legal tender, and is presented in a stunning display case with accompanying numbered Certificate of Authenticity. With the original worldwide mintage limited to 1,880 coins, we recommend you act fast! Click ‘add to cart’ now to secure your Ned Kelly silver coin set!

Country: Niue
Denomination: $1.00
Material: Silver
Released: 2015
Type: Currency


Ned Kelly Plushie

From Harwil’s Legend series comes Ned Kelly. Made from all new materials Ned is hand washable and quality and safety tested. The plushie comes with a removable ‘suede’ felt jacket. The toy is suitable for all ages three and up.

Manufacturer: Harwil
Made: China
Filling: 100% recycled foam
Height: 27cm
Type: Soft Toy

Ned Kelly Red

From Mildura’s Callipari Wines come their Ned Kelly Red collection which features their original Ned Kelly Red – a wine spritzer blend of red wine, orange and lemon juice. Since the initial release in 2003, Callipari have expanded their Ned Kelly Red range to include Tawny Port, Moscato Blanc NV, Rosé, Shiraz, and Lager Beer.

Style: Spritzer
Manufacturer: Callipari Wines
Region: Victoria
Alcohol: 8%
Volume: 750ml
Type: Beverage


Baron Ironblood

Baron Ironblood wears a Ned Kelly-style iron helmet, with a small slot opening for vision. As an action figure this helmet is removable, revealing a Caucasian male with white hair and a dark goatee beard. This representation is also clear in his early appearances in the Battle Action Force comics and in the action figure.

Manufacturer: Palitoy [Hasbro]
Theme: Action Man [GI Joe]
Series: Action Force
Size: 3.75 inches
Released: 1983
Material: Plastic
Type: Action Figure
The original Baron Ironblood figure featured white gloves and an Uzi while the second variant of the figure had black gloves. A third variant also had black gloves but had a Palitoy Star Wars Han Solo blaster. In March 2012, at the Roll Out Roll Call convention, the Action Force fan-site Blood for the Baron released a convention exclusive action figure of Baron Ironblood to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Action Force.

Ned Kelly 'Such is Life' Men’s Gold Watch

Crafted in an edition limited to just 1,880, the Ned Kelly Such is Life Men’s Gold Watch is available only from The Bradford Exchange. Expertly hand-crafted, the stainless steel case and band are ion-plated in gold. The watch face provides the perfect showcase for a raised-relief image of Kelly’s iconic helmet. The precision quartz movement that lies at the heart of our tribute edition powers the three chronographic sub dials on the face which measure minutes, hours and seconds in tandem with the versatile stopwatch function also offered by the watch. The side of the watch is engraved with his famous last words “Such is life.” The clasp bears the years of Kelly’s life. While the case back boldly portrays his name amidst the stars of the Southern Cross and the message “when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” Also on the back, the watch’s individual issue number is engraved. The Ned Kelly Such is Life Men’s Gold Watch arrives with a six-panel, full-colour Certificate of Authenticity identifying your watch as part of the official edition. The deluxe presentation case is decorated with Kelly icons in a classy, leather-like finish.

Material: Ion-plated Gold with Stainless Steel case and band
Movement: Quartz Mechanism
Watch face: 41mm diameter
Type: Men’s Jewellery


The Bold, The Bad and The Ugly

As Australia’s colonies developed, bushrangers roamed the countryside: they were the scourge of police and troopers who struggled to uphold the law in the rapidly expanding settlements. The bushrangers came from a range of backgrounds: some were anti-establishment heroes to the common people, whilst some were forced into a life of crime. The nefarious Kelly Gang led by Edward ‘Ned’ Kelly are among Australia’s most notorious bushrangers: their distinctive iron armour inspiring an entire Australian folklore. With this Uncirculated Mintmark and Privy Mark Coin Set, the Royal Australian Mint recalls Australia’s bushrangers and their legacy in art, folklore and identity.

Country: Australia
Denomination: $1.00
Material: Bronze
Released: 2019
Type: Currency


Marvel Legends Series: A.I.M. Trooper

Part of a cartel that is heavily involved in black market weapons trading and scientific research, the troopers of Advanced Idea Mechanics [A.I.M.] are bent on world domination. Build an A.I.M. fighting force with these Legends Series A.I.M. Troopers. Amass multiple troopers to create a formidable fighting force! Figure features premium design, detail, and articulation for posing and display in a Marvel collection.

Manufacturer: Hasbro
Line: Marvel Legends Deluxe
Size: 6 inch
Type: Action Figure


Ned Kelly Rainheads

As Ned so famously said all those years ago, stick-em-up … on the wall. Available in many different Nexteel™ Colours and finishes, our Ned Kelly Rainheads are as infamous as they are useful. Such is life. Rainheads are a decorative finish to any building, while minimising the risk of water flow inside a building. We have a large range of custom rainheads to suit any building or project, each handcrafted to suit the unique requirements of the project and they are available in a wide range of materials.

Manufacturer: Revolution Roofing
Range: Ned Kelly [Ironman]
Made: Australia
Material: Steel
Type: Rainhead


Teddy Scares - Ned Kelly 8" Bear

Redmond Gore is locked away now, but he is patient. He might seem harmless. Don’t be fooled! Evil is imprisoned in this straitjacket. He’ll wait … He’ll wait until the moment you let your guard down. Then he’s gonna get you! This Teddy Scare features Redmond Gore as Ned Kelly. Printed on his straitjacket is ‘NED KELLLY – H.M. PRISON’. Don’t be frightened. I was once your friend. I played with you during the day and guarded you when you slept at night. When you were sick, I stayed by your side. When everyone was too busy, I was there for you. Time passed and you left me behind. I waited and waited for you to remember me as my insides rotted. I’m back for you. I want to show you my world now. Enjoy your stay, but remember why you came or you may go mad…

Manufacturer: Applehead Factory
Brand: Teddy Scares
Height: 20cm
Type: Soft Toy

Beechworth Pale Ale

Hands on small batch brewing ensures Bridge Road ales are the real deal. An aromatic Pale Ale with an intense copper colour, floral hops, and bitter hops are perfectly in balance. Best enjoyed out of a glass to get the full experience. First brewed in 2005, Beechworth Pale Ale has earned its reputation as an ‘Aussie Craft Classic’. A new world pale ale brimming with hop aroma and flavour, it strikes a perfect balance between hops and malt. Lower bitterness and a clean finish make this a sessionable yet full flavoured pale ale that continues to stand the test of time.

Style: Pale Ale [Beer]
Producer: Bridge Road Brewers
Region: Beechworth, Victoria
Alcohol: 4.8%
Volume: 330ml
Type: Beverage


Kenworth W900 Semi Trailer 1:43 Ned Kelly Diecast Truck

The Kenworth W900 18 Wheeler Semi Trailer features custom Ned Kelly graphics on the cabin and trailer. Featuring fold-away front trailer stand, the cabin and trailer are painted white with custom graphics. The cabin is diecast with plastic accents and the trailer is 90% plastic. The overall measurements are 430mm long x 95mm high.

Manufacturer: NewRay
Scale: 1:43
Brand: Kenworth
Type: Diecast Truck

Ned Kelly Cotton Quilting Fabric

Ned Kelly Cotton Quilting Fabric is made from 100% cotton and is approximately 44 inches (112 cm) wide. Colours include black, white, shades of brown, green, cream and grey on a light cream background (1/2 yard = 45.7 cm). This fabric is sold in 1/2 yard increments although we can cut your fabric to any length required.

Material: 100% Cotton
Producer: Nutex
Size: 112cm x 45.7cm
Type: Fabric


Bullet Proof 153°

You have heard of underproof and you have heard of overproof. We can now introduce Bullet Proof – a unique fully Australian Spirit that is bottled at 153 proof (76.5% ABV). It is an unaged cane spirit made from locally grown sugar cane. By law in Australia, it is not a white rum as it has not been aged for two years. It shares many similarities with spirits such as white dog, new make, moonshine and imported white rum. The very first thing you will notice is the raw and untamed high proof. The second thing you will notice is a mild fruity flavour profile. Bullet Proof 153° makes a great replacement for nearly any white spirit in recipes and cocktails.

Manufacturer: Australian Spirit Laboratory
Style: Cane Spirit
Volume: 700ml
Alcohol: 76.5%
Type: Beverage


Ned Kelly Air Freshener 3D Figurine

Now you can have a great little model of Ned Kelly hanging from your rear vision mirror with this caramel-scented Iron Bandit air freshener! The Ned Kelly 3D hand-painted figurine air freshener features painted metallic tones with a scent that can last up to three months.

Manufacturer: Hot Stuff
Size: 15cm x 8cm x 3cm
Weight: 300 grams
Type: Air Freshener
Scent: Caramel

Ned Kelly Panorama Plate Collection

The story of Ned Kelly is the story of Australia. Bold, brash and defiant. Whether you consider him a hero or a villain, one fact is inescapable: Kelly represents something fundamental in the Aussie ethos: we stand for what we believe in, we yearn for justice in an unjust world and we protect those we love. The choices we make define who we are. Kelly’s actions still inspire like-minded blokes as they wage their own battles for personal justice in the 21st century. Now, our exclusive Ned Kelly Panorama Plate Collection recalls the life, legend, struggle and fight of one of Australia’s most famous figures. Your Ned Kelly Panorama Plate Collection begins with Issue One, Ned Kelly The Legend, followed by Issue Two, Ready to Shoot and arrives with a FREE Custom Display (valued at $50). Soon your collection will continue with Issue Three, Kelly Gang on the Run and ends with Issue Four, Shoot Out at Glenrowan.

Manufacturer: The Bradford Exchange
Artist: Michael Wilkin
Material: Heirloom Porcelain®
Plate: 18cm x 13cm
Rail: 56cm x 9cm x 4cm